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Kitchen Planning/Design

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Kitchen planning and design considerations.

Successful kitchen planning and design requires that the space available is maximized to create a kitchen that is functional, practical but retains style.

Some key points to consider when designing a kitchen.

1. Does the layout of internal and external doors limit the more traditional designs of the L or U shape kitchen. Doors at either end of the kitchen may well mean that a galley or double galley kitchen design is the best type of layout.

2. Refrigerator, cooker/hob and sink need special consideration within a kitchen layout as they tend to be the most used elements. Easy movement between them is important.

3. If you require lots of work surface space then under worktop appliances may need to be considered, appliances in tall housings will reduced the space available for worktops, dressers also sit upon the worktop and reduce the work surface space.

4. Above work surface storage space can be increased by using taller wall units. We supply wall units at 575mm, 720mm and 900mm high.

5. If you need to incorporate a dinning area within the kitchen space maybe the option of a breakfast bar with storage units underneath would make better use of the space, rather than table and chairs.

Whatever the design, a kitchen is in most cases a major investment and therefore should have time and thought given to it.