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How To Order

Virginia Kitchen

Ordering a quality fitted bathroom or kitchen. The process.

1.) Download the required brochure for bathrooms or kitchens and browse the pages

(Adobe Reader required to view brochures etc.)

Mereway Bathrooms

Town & Country Collection

Cucina Colore

2.) OPTIONAL. Should you wish for a door sample, select Sample Doors. These can be ordered online and should you progress to ordering either a bathroom or kitchen, the cost of the selected door will be refunded from the order total.

3.) To see the sizes and types of units available select Unit Sizes and then select the range of interest and list the required units.

4.) To order, fax (01603-661732) or email your requirements to us along with a fax number or email address. We will then fax or email back a price and await your decision whether to proceed further.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have considered everything you will require to avoid an additional delivery charge.